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Our Pantry Staff is amazing. We’re 100% volunteer run, with no paid staff. Some of our volunteers contribute up to 30 hours a week. Meet some key members of our pantry team below, and consider joining us as a volunteer!


Our Leadership Team

Nikki Kuhlman, female with long wavy blonde hair wearing a dark shirt and a chevron pattern jacket

Nikki Kuhlman

Interim Executive director

I’m currently the President of the Board of Directors, and am filling in, along with Chuck Bumbales and Jenn Delp, as interim executive director, as we work to fill the position. I’ve been enjoying working with a more diverse group of people, as well as learning more of the inner workings of how our pantry runs. It’s amazing what a small, committed group of people can do when they are determined to help others. And we always have room for more volunteers!

If you are interested in the Executive Director position, or know someone who might be, please email me at

Chuck Bumbales - male, with light grey hair on the sides and a beard, wearing a blue collared polo shirt

Chuck Bumbales

Facilities Manager

I started serving in this role after I helped to actually construct the food pantry area at CMS. I forged a relationship with our founder, Craig Raddatz, and was just starting my retirement. I liked the idea of continuing to serve our community and needed a new way to do that.

My best advice for new volunteers is to come in with an open mind and don’t be afraid to try something new or different in life. The feeling of reward from helping others makes me keep coming back; hopeful new volunteers will feel the same thing.

Jeff Davis - male with short brown hair, and a colored light blue shirt

Jeff Davis

eagles nest Pantry MGR.

In my role at the D300 Food Pantry, I get to interact with so many people especially at Jacobs High School. I love seeing how a food pantry can impact an entire community. I love when there are different departments, different clubs and sports helping out for a common purpose. It is so fun when it all comes together and seeing the love spread throughout makes me feel like lives are being changed not only those in need but the ones that are helping.

Jenn Delp - female, with long blondish brown hair wearing glasses and a dark v-neck shirt

Jenn Delp

Pantry Manager

I’m an operations kind of gal, so the nitty gritty ins and outs of making things work, coupled with the constant organizing is really my jam. But, it holds nothing to the people I get to interact with.  Our neighbors that visit the pantry are such beautiful people, watching the students grow and learn and interact with others is so impactful and working side by side with others who share your passions is so incredibly motivating.

Anna Jones

volunteer coordinator

A few years ago, I was asked by Jenn (Pantry Manager) if I could come in and help set up for a special event. I came in and was hooked from the start! I could see the difference the pantry was making right away. I love getting to meet new people and directly help the people in my community. 

Terri Neff - female, with short dark curly hair wearing glasses and a red sweater and turtleneck

Terri Naaf

outreach coordinator

What I love most about volunteering is interacting with the people. I get to know the clients and what their needs are. I enjoy helping others. One of my goals is to make the pantry a fun place for kids.

If you are thinking of volunteering, come visit – smile, talk to people, and become part of our wonderful volunteer family.

Pantry Team Leaders

team leader

Michele Johnston

I initially started volunteering six years ago during lent as I wanted to give back to the community. Six months later I was asked to be a Team Lead, and I continue to serve that role on our Tuesday stocking nights. I became the Treasurer ~f our years ago and stepped into a board position two years ago.

team leader

Laura Odahowski

I love being able to have a positive impact on others.  I work registration which involves greeting and assisting our neighbors as they arrive at the pantry.  I love the interactions I have with them and value the connection to the community.  I also feel privileged to work with the other volunteers.  It is wonderful to work alongside such talented and dedicated people. 

team leader

Becky Welter

I saw a Facebook post that the Pantry needed food.  I met Leslie the night I dropped off food.  She showed me around and I asked about volunteering opportunities.  I signed up for a few stocking and shopping nights and fell in love with the mission.  I became a Leader and have been here for five years. 

Junior team leader

Landon LaMarca

I love the community at the D300 Food Pantry. When you volunteer enough, you begin to form relationships with the clients and other volunteers. and the community begins to feel like a family. This has always given me something extra to look forward to when I’m headed to a volunteer shift.

Junior team leader

Luke Murphy

junior team leader

Krish Patel

I initially started as a regular volunteer. I was looking for volunteering opportunities close to me and an upperclassmen at my high school recommended to volunteer here. So I came in one day and I loved it so I’ve been coming back ever since.

The best advice I have for new members is to not hesitate if they have any questions.